Medical Cannabis Educational Courses

PRICE: $995.00 + HST (CAD)

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  • Roughly 11 hours of learning (1 - 2 hours per module)
  • Accredited by CCCEP for a total of 11 CEUs
  • Provides an understanding of the main active components of medical cannabis
  • Reviews the status of medical cannabis legislation in Canada
  • Reviews the pharmacology of cannabis & its effect on the endocannabinoid system
  • Looks at the evidence on the use of cannabis for chronic conditions
  • Examines the role of cannabis in harm reduction
  • Explores the steps required to evaluate a patient for cannabis therapy
  • Reviews the ACMPR process in depth
  • Discusses the process of initiating cannabis therapy
  • Explores the most common methods of administering cannabis
  • Explores the most appropriate monitoring and documentation for patients on medical cannabis
  • Demonstrates how to identify patients who should not use cannabis
  • Review the potential short-term and long-term adverse effects of cannabis use
  • Navigate some of the medicolegal questions surrounding cannabis
  • Review tools and processes to aid in follow-up

PRICE: $99.00 + HST (CAD)

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  • Roughly 1.5 hours of learning
  • Reviews different components of cannabis
  • Explains the most common uses of medical cannabis
  • Reviews the current regulations governing medical cannabis
  • How to council a patient on potential risks
  • Summarizes the methods to administer medical cannabis
  • Reviews key counselling points for those prescribing

PRICE: Exclusive FREE benefit for members of provincial pharmacy associations and AFPC.
LOCATION: ONLINE (Self-Directed)

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This foundational course will provide you with an overview of the different types of cannabinoids available in Canada, their therapeutic effects, and their impact on human physiology. It will cover Canadian regulations on the use of cannabis for medical purposes and focus on your important role in advising patients who have been prescribed cannabis as part of their treatment plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe, generally, the endocannabinoid system and its function
  • State the cannabinoid availability in Canada including both prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis
  • Outline Canadian regulations regarding the use of cannabis for medical purposes
  • Explain the role of pharmacists in supporting patient care related to cannabinoid use