Our goal is to responsibly offer you the tools and resources so you can offer your patients Medical Cannabis as an Alternative Medicine for various health challenges including but not limited to chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

Chriscom (developers of and is a Canadian company active in the healthcare field since 2011 offering travel and wellness clinics to doctors and pharmacies across Canada.

We work with specialists and physicians across Canada to connect eligible patients with medical cannabis.

Our pharmacy clinics, doctors, and healthcare professionals are committed to the highest standard of interdisciplinary health care, offering strong and consistent follow-up through our team of healthcare professionals and patient advocates. Our aim is to ensure your patient is comfortable and cared for at each step of their treatment. Specifically, we ensure that your prescribed treatment is working for your patient as intended and liaise with you should the need arise. Our patient advocates are very well versed in the medical cannabis offerings of Licensed Producers and will work to ensure that your patients have access to the most effective strain for their condition at the best price.

We will provide you with all consultation notes at each stage to ensure you are kept fully informed.

We look forward to the prospect of working with you.